they walked in line

Octombrie 5, 2008 la 10:08 pm | Publicat în agit prop, credo, HISTORIA, muzica, nationalism, video | Lasă un comentariu

joy division – walked in line (live 1979)

All dressed in uniforms so fine,
They drank and killed to pass the time,
Wearing the shame of all their crimes,
With measured steps, they walked in line.

They walked in line (…)

They carried pictures of their wives,
And numbered tags to prove their lies,
And made it through the whole machine,
With dirty hearts and hands washed clean,

They walked in line (…)

Full of a glory never seen,
They made it through the whole machine,
To never question anymore,
Hypnotic trance, they never saw,

They walked in line (…)


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