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noiembrie 19, 2010 la 10:22 am | Publicat în agit prop, media alternativa, muzica, şoping | Lasă un comentariu

[ Roata Sound = Wheel Sound ]
„E pur si muove”…big words some long, long time ago, and yes indeed it does move !
So take a look around, everything is moving around you: the sun,the earth, the water,
life, the wheel is turning in an infinite cycle, the eternal spin,the wheel of time!
Sometimes there is melody and sometimes there are harsh sounds. The wheel of fortune is moving in
the sun and in the shadow compelling us to complete our journey !
We wish that our spinning wheel continues to sound and never disappear, until the end of time!
Roata Sound is an independent underground label that was formed in December 2009,
with the desire to support many bands out there, from different genres,
with something good to offer!
We are interested in the following styles of music: ambient/folk/pagan/black metal !
If your band is looking for a label like us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Of course your music will have to really impress us to get a deal.
But it is worth a try!


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