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TATOMIR PITARIU is a „dark artist” born and raised in Sibiu, a historic city in the south part of Transilvania, Romania. Though he grew up in the midst of it, Tatomir was, and continues to be fascinated by the mythic and mysterious folklore of his homeland. The dark forests, mountain streams, fantastic creatures and hiking through nature along ancient ruins, set the base for most of his artwork.

In 1995 Tatomir moved to Los Angeles with his family. Since then, his art has become a combination of childhood memories and the everyday life in the land of „Hollywood Dreams.” Tatomir’s original style of graphite drawing became, over the years, art embraced by the black, trash and folk metal scene. Many bands commissioned Tatomir’s work for logos and CD art. His artwork has also been integrated into many L.A. art-scene shows and charity events.

At one of The Congregation Gallery events, he met Christopher Ulrich that convinced him it is time to move to the next level. The decision to start painting was radical for Tatomir since he never felt compelled to explore this medium, feeling his strength laid in his drawings. In 2008, his first exhibited painting, „St. Sylvan” shown at the Forgotten Saints group show at The Congregation Gallery in Hollywood received great feedback from both peers and patrons. Since then, Tatomir participates in most group shows at this venue and has several pieces in the gallery’s permanent collection.

Tatomir’s work can be also found at Hyaena Gallery in Burbank and in several private collections. Currently, he is working on his first solo event, „TRANSILVANICON” opening on December 4, 2010 at Hyaena Gallery–Burbank.







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  1. Felicitari.

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