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The ideation and the direction of the project SYNAULIA is of Walter Maioli, musician, paleorganologist , that from thirty years researchs , experiments and applies the sounds of the nature of the prehistory and of the antiquity.

*……A Music legated to the forest, to the woods, to the nature, devoted to Pan, Bacchus, Cibele, connected to the popular traditions, still distant from the music of the classical world where the string instruments prevail and to which the next two projected volumes will be dedicated. All together, we will perhaps discover a world music ante litteram, exposed as it has been, seen the vastness of the Empire, to manifold influences* Ivana Zomparelli, Gennaio 1997

*The idea to reconstruct that which could have been the music in ancient Rome was born from a critical reconsideration of the literary sources and the recovered objects. This „theoretical” phase was followed by a „practical” one, effected by Walter Maioli that has taken care of and organized the reconstruction of determined instruments and the composition of the recorded compositions.
Investigator of the naturalistic prehistoric art and of the cultures of native people, expert in paleorganology (the discipline that studies the origins of the musical instruments) and in experimental archaeology, Walter Maioli experiments for more than twenty years the sounds of the past in archaeological circles: playing in the caverns, in the woods, next to the waterfalls, in natural theatres and in those built by the Greek and the Romans. Maioli has published the books The Origins of Sound and Music, for the Jaca Book and The Orchestra of the Nature, published by Mondadori. He develops, among other things, demonstrations of experimental archaeology: concerts/conferences of absolute historical interest and – we speak from direct experience – of unexpected involvement.* Anna Maria Liberati





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