*street art against pedophilia*

Ianuarie 22, 2011 la 8:33 am | Publicat în agit prop, media alternativa | Lasă un comentariu

The autonomous nationalists from Timisoara have launched a local campaign, in march 2010, against the sect „the Children of God”, wich has a cell in our city Timisoara west Romania and wich practices incest and paedophilia. Because more and more cases of paedophilia have emerged and become public not only in Timisoara, Romania but also in all of Europe, N.A.T. have launched a campaign of a larger scale with the help of our comrades from Greece, Hungary, Poland, Spain… Now N.A.T. are launching a graffiti contest with an antipaedophilia theme and against „The Children of God”. The contest holds prizesthat consist of CD’s with NS music from various countries, T-shirts and paint spray. Where ever you are, you are invited to create these messages and send pictures to media_nat@yahoo.com All images will be posted on http://music4resistance.blogspot.com and the winners on http://nat88.org . We are waiting for your creations with great interest. Join our battle for the moral and physical health of our future, our children, by street art. Good luck 14!


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