everyday weapons

februarie 3, 2011 la 9:47 pm | Publicat în lectura, media alternativa | Lasă un comentariu

two of canadian design studio chromoly’s previous projects ‘ninja tack’ and bourgeois brass knuckle’ emerged as somewhat problematic to the market. potential manufacturers were consulted by their lawyers to stay away from them, and scandinavian retailers had the products taken off their shelves by police. the objects were being treated like the weapons from which they borrowed their forms, clearly carrying some semantic baggage with them. this despite the fact that the products have no more potential for lethality than do many common household objects like hammers, kitchen knives or even broken bottles. the products became the target of censorship while the equivalent or even greater potential of many everyday objects to cause harm, goes unacknowledged. the ‘ninja tacks’ and ‘bourgeois brass knuckle’ modified two weapon types to serve a different, non-violent functions. now ‘everyday weapons’ inverses this formula so that the capacity of everyday things to be used violently is drawn out of them. a wrench and a pair of scissors are housed in leather holsters, putting them in a context of readiness for use as weapons; and a sling transforms a glass tumbler into a projectile. the leather apparatuses weaponize the objects without altering them.


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